The John Sid Band was formed when John Sid asked Corey Folta and Matt Kaskela to play.

Audiences are blown away by the band, especially the singing, songwriting, and instrumental virtuosity.

The John Sid Band are currently performing in and around New York. A fan recently said, "You guys need to be heard by more people!"


The John Sid Band is based in New York City, NY, and plays loud hard rock influenced by classic artists like Soundgarden, Tool, The Beatles, Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Stone Temple Pilots, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson and Meshuggah as well as the classical music of Bach and Vivaldi.


"A killer voice. Very unique.The intensity is there, the driving, pulsing energy is there... good writing. Instantly memorable, and very satisfying... the melodies are sure to stay stuck in my head... big, strong choruses... great melodic ideas and solid vocal performances This really sounds exciting." Taxi

"Very talented." Producer, Mark S. Berry

"There is no question that Sid has tremendous versatility and is a quality musician, particularly in terms of guitar solos." The Professor at

Honorable Mention: John Lennon Songwriting Contest

"John Sid unleashes rock with elements ranging from punk to metal to alt. The different facets are often combined with more unique vibes in the same song. John also shows distinct vocal personalities, from the Police era Sting flavor in 'For Loving You' to the barrelhouse blues of 'A Little Faith' and the rock snarl of 'Hell is Coming.'" Mark E. Waterbury, Music Morsels

Honorable Mention: Billboard Songwriting Contest

"'Eleven,' [is] a sludgy, heavy instrumental that has hints of Rush... 'You Can't Lead Me Down,' is Pearl Jam/Soundgarden-like with a heavy groove... Hendrix comes to mind a bit with 'How Many Times.' 'The Red Priest' [is] a guitar workout that would shred the skin off your face (in a good way). The other piece that worked for me was the balladic, torchy tune, 'Feeling Satisfied.'" Stephanie Sollow,

"John is the quintessential triple threat musician. He's not only a great singer and a talented guitarist, but he also - and I think this is his strongest gift - writes memorable, almost familiar songs ... and the band is sounding great too!" Corey Folta, Audio Engineer, Producer



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