Sid Band recording.

The John Sid Band has started recording their upcoming studio album. John, Matt and Corey recorded live basic tracks and vocals for the songs "Learning To Love," "Feelin' Satisfied," "Let Her Go" and "Live For Today." All these song are epic in length, contain dramatic changes in intensity, use alternate tunings, build to a crescendo, and feature strong melody and a very wide vocal range. The band is currently editing the tracks.

Sid Band seeks keys.

The John Sid Band seeks a singing keyboard player to augment live performance. The musician will be asked to sing harmony parts over a wide vocal range, and to play piano, Hammond organ and orchestral sounds. It is necessary to be able to read music.

Ideally the musician should be familiar with the keyboard styles of Gospel, Yes, Deep Purple, ELP, Genesis, Clutch, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. In addition to playing keyboard and singing harmony, playing guitar and percussion is a plus.

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